WBAN Makes History in Europe: Lamare Wins by Decision


 (OCT 10) Last night in Marseilles, France, In what was an exciting bout between Myriam Lamare vs. Ann Marie Saccurato, Lamare won the 10-round title bout by a unanimous decision. WBAN was told the fight had the fans out of the seats cheering.  Lamare not only won the WBFJunior Welterweight World title, but also the WBAN Junior Welterweight Independent belt.  Lamare and Saccurato made history for WBAN by fighting for the first WBAN Independent belt in Europe.  The judges were the following: Ingo Barrabas Germany, Tonio Tiberi Luxemburg, Noel Monnet France Donale Trella USA. [Photo Credit Slideshow:  Mary Ann Owen


Mary Ann Owen told WBAN, “The fight was highly competitive. Lamare trained with a new trainer Said Bennajem from Paris, France.  Lamare had some different moves that caught Saccurato by surprise. Saccurato went toe to toe in heated two minute rounds for ten rounds. Lamare was a gracious winner pulling Saccurato into the center of the ring to pose for photos.”

WBAN is extremely proud of Lamare. She joins Holly Holm and Chevelle Hallback, as our WBAN belt holders, with Holm winning the WBAN Junior middleweight; Hallback, the lightweight WBAN belt, and now Lamare, as our WBAN Junior Welterweight holder.

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