To “Tweet” or Not to “Tweet” – by Sue TL Fox



(DEC 23) After hearing about some issues that have come to WBAN’s attention concerning the social network “Twitter”—-WBAN decided to put out a few helpful tips, suggestions and examples of “tweets” that have backfired.

Some of the problems at times with Twitter is that it can allow one to blurt out things to the whole world that can be regretted after it is posted.

Depending on the severity of the comments by the “Tweets”, it can also have negative consequences or reactions from others for such blunders.

If you think that “Twitter” cannot come back to “bite” you….check out the following for just a few examples…

In July of 2012, Kathlyn Ehl, a policy staffer for the Rob McKenna for Governor campaign shared some of her positions on Asians and the Elderly in a series of “Tweets”.  You can read those “Screen saved” tweets on this site:  Go Here There is a subsequent apology by Ms. Ehl saying the following:  “My actions were not just unfortunate, they were offensive,” she told the [Seattle Times-reported on CBS Seattle]. “It is a lesson to others that social media comments made in frustration not only can hurt others, but they exist long after the moment has passed.” She’ll reportedly keep her job.” [Full Story].

Let’s move on to some athletes who have “tweeted” their little hearts away, and ended up in the following article link:  “Dumbest Tweets by Athletes”.  Check out what these athletes said, and the consequences of some of those unfortunate “Tweets”!  Go Here

Want to check out some more of  “the dumbest” tweets on the net?

Wish no further, this article entitled,  “A Sampling of Dumb Things Athletes said in Social Media” will give more examples of some questionable judgments for “Tweeting”…Go Here

Other interesting links for tweets some probably regret putting on the net…..

Article:  Don’t blame Twitter when journos tweet stupid things
Link to article

Article:  The 6 Dumbest Things You Have (Probably) Done on Twitter  Link to article

Folks, these types of articles are all over the net….

Maybe some who choose to tweet ridiculous and thoughtless remarks, may want to do a little bit research on what to say and not say on social network sites where everyone has access to read such comments—-NOT TO MENTION….copy and paste the comments, or even worse “screen save” their remarks that can be shared with any and everyone WORLDWIDE!

I especially enjoyed some great tidbit suggestions  for “Tweeting” on that said the following:

Suggested Rule:

Just follow the “golden rule.” Be honest, thoughtful, respectful, and consistent online. Treat others as you want to be treated. Say “thank you” often and that you’re sorry when an apology is appropriate. Carefully listen to feedback and use good “netiquette.”

Suggested Rule:

Remember the Internet law of Predictable Consequences. The more outrageous and damaging the material you post or send, the more likely it will be to go viral and mess up your reputation, friendships, and opportunities. (Courtesy, Nancy Willard, Embrace Civility in the Digital Age.)

Suggested Rule:

Be articulate and impactful while reflecting well on yourself. It’s easier to persuasive if you’re blogs contain no misspellings, good sentence structure, and excellent grammar (did you catch all of the distracting mistakes in this point?) Stay grounded in reality. The Internet is very cool and creating an outstanding net reputation is important, but most of us still spend more time in the real world. Your net reputation should be as good as and consistent with your real world reputation, and vice versa.

To read the complete article on suggestions, Go here

In search of MORE SUGGESTED and HELPFUL HINTS for Tweeters?

Article:  25 Things That Make You Look Dumb on Twitter
by Ryan Pinkham on Constant Contact Blogs  Go here

I think by now, you all get the drift…Don’t say stupid and hurtful things on the net for all to see, and then expect to retract them easily.  Think twice before you hit the “Send” button.

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