So you Think that Svendsen in 1975 got First Boxing License in the USA?




So do you think that Caroline Svendsen was the first female in the United States to obtain a boxing license as reported worldwide in 1975….Try again with setting this little part of history straight for female boxers getting boxing licenses!

According to the Charleston Daily Mail, in the Saturday Evening edition, dated September 1, 1923, on page 6, they report that Jeanne La Mar was granted a boxing license from New Jersey so that she could box in that state.  As reported in this news clip (which was short of details), they said that La Mar was still waiting for her challenges to various other women to accept those challenges.   WBAN discovered this huge error in the history of the sport many years ago.   We have another source stating that she actually received it in July of 1923, and there is a photo showing her getting her license in one newspaper.

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