Ida Schnall Issues a Challenge to Jeanne La Mar

On March 24, 1923, it was reported in the Logansport Pharos-Tribune (page five), there was a public challenge from Ms. Ida Schnall of Brooklyn, New York.  There is a photo on this news clip showing Schnall in a baseball practice to get in shape for the bout.

Then on April 13, 1923, there is another article in reference to Schnall and La Mar having to beat the Boxing officials before they can fight in the ring.  [Reference:  The Sandusky Register, Sandusky, Ohio].

In the April 13th article, they report that La Mar, of Pittsburgh and Schnall want to fight on May 12th.  But before  they  can meet in the ring it is expected that they’ll run into opposition aplenty with the New York state boxing commission.

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 Stated in that article, “Officially, the commission has given no ruling on the proposed bout. On good authority, however, it is stated  that a permit for a ring battle between the two girls will be denied on the grounds that it would be detrimental to boxing.”

Jeanne La Mar said that there is no reason why women can not box.  She goes on to say that she has gotten as good as a male boxer, and that she has a right to earn a living from boxing.

In case  they are refused  permission to fight  in New York state, the girl fighters say they will go to some place in America where women have equal rights.

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