Past Amateur Boxers: Grenoble boxers




FRANCE – 1980’S


The Foyer Club De Grenoble in France was a club for young (girls – boys) boxers and wrestlers from the age of ten to sixteen years of age.  The club was well equipped with a regulation ring, training equipment and changing facilities, and was managed by M. Chabut.  As one writer wrote in 1984, “All credit must go to M. Chabut for the way in which he has trained these girls and for the spirit of sportsmanship, that has been instilled in them, I did not hear a single complaint form any of the losers during the whole afternoon.”

BACKGROUND OF THE CLUB -This was written by M. Chabut in 1980’s:

“The Foyer Club Sports et Loisirs in Grenoble is some twenty years old, and originally had a boxing section restricted solely to boys of 10 to 16 years of age. And then, about five years ago, some young girls of the same age as the boys came to help with their training. I agreed and so our feminine section had its start. Since, for the girls, we have added wrestling. In the boxing, at first, there were separate training sessions for the girls and the boys, but finally we put them in together- and I very quickly saw that the girls would not cut a poor figure against the boys. They have less physical strength but they compensate for this with much greater agility, much greater flexibility. The mixed training bouts are quite even. I think that boxing can be very well practiced with great profit by young girls.  It is an excellent combative sport.”



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