Lamar denied Boxing License From California 1931–
Pineda gets one in 1976


1931-Lamar requested boxing license from California, but denied

Professional boxing in California will continue to be done exclusively by men, the commission decided today from Hollywood came a telegram from  Miss Jeanne Lamar, asking for a boxers license.   Dr. Harry Martin, presiding at the meeting of the commission here,  said that no license had been issued to women boxers  and that  the commission  would not issue any. Source: San Antonio Light, Monday 9-A, April 27, 1931.

The reported  “first” boxing license was given to Pat Pineda in the mid 1970’s.   [Above photo copyrighted on Boxing Illustrated, September 1976 edition].  At the time that Pineda received her California boxing license the boxing commission stated the following:

“In joining other states like Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, New York, Nevada,  Texas and Washington which allow punch-for-pay  bouts for women, California laid down a strict set of rules.   Mixed matches were outlawed; all bouts limited to four rounds, two minutes in duration with 10-ounce gloves.   Breast protectors were mandatory; Pregnant female boxers barred; and no bouts are permitted during the menstrual period.

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