Former Canadian Boxer Nora Daigle Visits the Shape For Life Boxing Program – by Cathy Van Ingen

(AUG 10) Nora Daigle, former pro Canadian boxer who competed from 1995-2000 and who currently lives in Ottawa came to visit Toronto’s Shape Your Life boxing program this week. Shape Your Life (SYL) [] is a free, non-contact boxing program for women-identified boxers who have experienced violence. Shape Your Life (SYL) started in 2007 and has worked with over 1300 boxers. SYL is currently funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada to measure the physical and mental health outcomes of boxing for women who have experienced violence.

Shape Your Life runs out of Bloor Street Boxing and is a university-community partnership between Brock University and Opportunity For Advancement, a social service organization for women in Toronto.


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