Final Tribute to 26-Year Old , Angelique Ducehmin — A Sad Day in Women’s Boxing – By Sue TL Fox

(AUG 30, 2017) WBAN would like to pay a special Tribute to France’s World Champion Angelique Ducehmin, just 26 years old when passed away yesterday.  Ducehmin a professional female boxer with a undefeated boxing record of 14-0 (3KO), winning the WBF Featherweight World title on May 12, 2017 when she defeated Ericka Rousseau by a ten-round unanimous decision.  [Photo credits  Facebook]

In April of 2017, Ducehmin successfully defended her  EBU Super Featherweight World title when she on a ten-round unanimous decision over Taossy LHadji.  She originally won the EBU title in 2015 when she defeated Maria Semertzoglou by a decision.

According to news stories on the net, she was training in her boxing gym in Perpignan, France when she collapsed.   It was reported that she fell ill while training in her  gym, and she had received a cardiac massage before being rushed to the hospital in Perpignan.  She passed away in the hospital with an apparent pulmonary embolism.

WBAN would like to extend our condolences to her friends and family.

WBAN has a special Tribute page for boxers who have passed away or other tributes to fighters.  To check out our other tributes go here  Go Here 

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