Craziest World Ratings for the Sport in 2013! by Sue TL Fox


 Hmmmm…….SOMEONE must have been good for Santa Claus this year! In the year 2013, we had some of the craziest and silliest published ratings on the net that we have seen in a long time!

Yes folks, Christmas was MOST certainly good to some of these boxers when it came to being rated in the world without even having to WIN a bout!

Check this out…These listed fighters had NO WINS on their record, and yet, if you look up “World Ratings” on the net, you will probably find them on a site or two where they are listed as one of the top ten in the world!  If you are interested, you can find them on the net.

NATIA SOKHADZE: Record: 0-1-0 – Super Middleweight – Rated #10. Without a win…she is listed as a #10 worldwide as a Super Middleweight—-and people wonder why WBAN does not have ratings for this weight class. SOKHADZE fought ONE four round bout. She got STOPPED in the SECOND ROUND—and yet she is rated #10!

JULIANE KLUTHMANN: Record: 0-1-0, Super Middleweight – Rated #10. KLUTHMANN is also rated #10 in the world as a super middleweight. KLUTHMANN only lasted ONE round in a scheduled six rounder—fighting only 48 SECONDS as a pro, and she shows up on the net as a #10 rated boxer!

GABRIELLA BOHONI, 0-2-0, Super Middleweight – Rated #10. BOHONI was stopped TWICE out of TWO pro fights. She fought a total of three rounds as a pro, losing by TKO in both of her fights and yet….yep you guessed it…she is “rated” #10 in the world.

AMY SELLES, 0-1-0, Heavyweight – Rated #10.   SELLES is rated #10 as a heavyweight, fighting three rounds as a pro, after she retired in the third round of her “Only” pro bout.

VICTORIA NANSEN, 0-1-0, Heavyweight #10, #1 in her country. She lost a six-round decision and is already showing up as a “top-ten “rated” boxer. ..Question Mark.

SARETHA BONNER, 0-2-0, Heavyweight #10, #8 in the USA. She must be considered “Seasoned” perhaps? She did have TWO pro fights…with the exception she did not win either bout. No worries, on some of the ratings we found on the net—you can lose all your fights and still be listed as a top #8 in the world!

A few more quick examples of 2013…..

Anne Wanjiku 0-3-2 – light middleweight #11;
Keyli Kant 0-1-0 – light middleweight #11;
Beata Salgo 0-4-0 – light middleweight #11;
Luisa Maria Romero 0-10-1- light middleweight #10;
Batroba Lihavi 0-6-1 Middleweight #13.

Only in the world of boxing!  This is a mere sampling of what we found……We also found female boxers who had only one win on their record, and being rated in the top ten.  There has got to be a better system to rate pro females in the sport than what we are seeing in 2013 with some being winless and top world rated.  Maybe in 2014 we will see some improvement…Ya…think?

Lastly – don’t shoot the messenger who exposes this dilemma in female boxing—–contact these sites and ask for change—-this does very little for the credibility of rated female boxers in the sport.

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