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The Women's Boxing Historical Database was created by Sue TL Fox, of Women Boxing Archive Network [WBAN].   Fox has researched  the history of the sport since September of 1996, being the first known historical website on the net going live in May of 1998, to present the HiSTORY OF WOMEN'S BOXING. WBAN has converted the research from the book that was in progress, Women's Boxing: Setting the Record Straight, to being online to make it the most extensive coverage in the sport today from the history to the current events going on in amateurs and professionals.  The ONLINE Historical Database [from the 1700s to current] will be continously updated with new information and archived documents of the sport,  and we will strive to set the record straight by encouraging worldwide participation in any contribution of information, research that can be added to this database.  Not only is the database the most extensive on the net---but it is FREE to use by all.   


 WBAN's Extensive Interactive Database is located [to the right in a drop down menu]. The database is categorized by DATE and MONTH going as far back as 1722.  Fox discovered throughout the years of investigating the history that she could not rely solely on old archived newspapers, magazine articles, and other documents to record the accurate of the history of the sport. WBAN's Mission---To let us not forget the many trailblazers in the sport who paved the road for female boxers today.  Each and every female boxer, amateur or pro, who dared to step in the ring, no matter how primitive in the past, all played a part in what the sport is today. WBAN will also publish our top PREMIER picks of stories and/or of HISTORICAL importance that we have featured from 1998 to present throughout the years on this Database. For other stories with ALL COVERAGE remains on WBAN. [Historical Database Map]         


When WBAN went live on the net, there were few who actually knew that there were many sister's in the sport that came way before the 1990's fighters started to make a noise.  In Fact, WBAN immediately began setting the record straight about fighters that not only fought in the 1970's, the 1950s and 1960s, the 1920s, that the history of these trailblazers went as far back as in the 1700s.  Yes, it was primitive at the time as few women dared to enter the ranks of being a boxer, but they are the history-makers that bring the sport up to where it is today. [Link to segment: Pioneer Female Boxers]

 In 1997 J'Marie Moore, the daughter of famous boxing father Archie Moore, had her first professional bout in the sport.  Then in 2000, Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali came into the sport.  Following Ali, Joe Frazier's daughter, Jacqui Frazier-Lyde decided to get into the mix.  We also had George Foreman's daughter, Freeda Foreman who did not stay in the sport for a long period of time.  We also saw Roberto Duran's daughter, Irichelle Duran who fought for a short time as a pro.  Lastly, the sport saw Maria Johannson, daughter of Ingemar "Ingo" Johansson who had two pro fights.[Link to segment: Daughters of Boxing Legends 

In 2014, WBAN released the WBAN Records Members site, opening up an extensive female boxing site that has a massive "Women Boxing Records" segment.  But we went a step further, so when you go to some of the female boxers who are listed in our records database, you also have access to any photo/Video galleries that are attached to that record.  Some of the fighters have a multitude of galleries with huge fight photos, hot photos, and video.  To check a boxers record, go to:  [Women's Boxing Records Database




 On the WBAN Historical Database we now have a significant addition to Master Search, that will have a video catalog with fights that happen around the world and are on the net.  The videos on Master Search are also categorized into individual years.  Dee Williams, the creator of Master Search, has also created this excellent extension of the boxers records. To give you an example, let's say you check out Ava Knight's boxing record on WBAN's Master Search.  You will not only see her boxing record, but also any connected photo galleries and videos of her fights on that page.   


Since 1998, WBAN has been conducting one on one interviews with amateurs and professional female boxers, promoters, managers, trainers, and women who are in the sport outside the ring.  On the Historical Database we are going to feature our top interviews from WBAN.  [Link to One on One Interviews] test

WBAN will be highlighting landmark historical markers, setting the record straight, especially in regards to female fights in the past being labeled as sanctioned when in fact they were nothing more than exhibitions on cards.  We hope that other websites will begin correct their errors on the past female boxers.  We will also be listing info about boxing licenses, contracts, and miscellaneous historical stories of interest.  [more to follow as this site is still being constructed].     

Throughout the years from 1996 to the present time, WBAN has collected an extensive library of documents , magazines, publications, boxers contracts, hotel records, physician medicals of boxers and  more.  In this segment we will be publishing many of the original historical documents for viewing.  [more to follow as this site is still being constructed].                               


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